(6-8-2016) Fun in Aqualandia!

Today children were excited for their excursion to Aqualandia in Benidorm. It has been an amazing day because children went to all slides and pools. Some of them even tried the highest slide in the water park called ‘VertiGo’ from which children got a huge adrenaline rush. However, they enjoyed it very much!

These are some of the best moments from a day in Aqualandia!

(4-2-2016) The Fun Day at School

Today our senior students went to the beach, so the little ones enjoyed the day at school! In the morning children created artistic and crazy stories. They also made colourful posters of 5 emotions (joy, anger, fear, sadness and disgust). Later on, we filmed short videos in media room. Each child was able to participate in performing and recording the videos.

After lunch, we had afternoon activities in which children played an interesting and really active game called ‘The Mad Chief’. The purpose of this game was to collect all the ingredients for typical English breakfast, while 3 chiefs (teachers) were interrupting the game and crossing off the special list the ingredients. Children also had a Scavenger Hunt in the school in which they had to complete 10 tasks in a creative way to earn points for their Houses (England, Ireland, Scotland). After that, the children played 3 different games and learned new words about summer and summer activities. While one group was learning songs about summer, the second was playing a game called ‘Sleepy Dwor’ and the third group had blind dates in which they had to tell about their favourite summer activities.


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