English summer farm camp 2016 Day 4

English summer farm camp 2016. Today we had a farm day 🙂 Children were learning English in fun and creative ways.

During the morning we visited farm and met the animals. As well, children were learning professions by telling their parents’ occupations and considering who they will be in the future. Later we had swimming pool and new funny water games, in which children needed to show their level of English.

During the second half of the day kids participated in art, dance, music, drama and science classes where they had to practise their English and creativity skills by taking parts in the play, learning all stages of the movement or making lava lamps. Furthermore, children were singing and practising the camp song in the evening and had a great time playing team games.

Moreover, there are Charlie’s Farm News in the video of the day. You can watch it here:

Charlie’s Farm Aqualandia

On Friday Charlie’s Farm were excited and enthusiastic for their excursion to Aqualandia in Benidorm! It was an amazing day and we had a lot of fun. Children went to all of the attractions, pools and slides. Some of us even went on to the highest slide “Verti Go”! It was incredible adrenaline rush. When we arrived home we were very sleepy and relaxed by watching the second part of “The Avengers”.

Charlie’s Farm Day 6

Our 6th day in Charlie’s Farm! In the morning we had tutor time. Teachers helped to fill in the dairies and gave achievements to kids. During the classes children learnt new topics connected with transportation and directions. Later we had very funny and educational water games. Children needed to answer questions very fast, if they were too slow they got very wet!

After lunch and a small break we were looking for a treasure. Each team had their own map and they needed to complete it. To win the game it was necessary to pass all stages with superheroes as soon as possible. And the winner was “Captain America” team!