Teacher’s online course

por | Ene 8, 2018

Inglaterra en Casa Teacher’s online course will teach people how to deal with kids and teens between 3 and 17 years old. This is not the typical english course. We will focus on kids  specialisation and the use of techniques in order to teach them succesfully.


¿What is the Teacher’s Online Course like?

It is a 100h course which has online lessons and 1 week practices in our academies. The aim is providing you knowledge in specific areas. You can see the topics included following:



  • Differences between adults and children’s learning styles
  • Developmental stages of Young Learners (Science and Psychology)
  • Classroom management strategies (by age)
  • Dealing with behaviour (and dealing with SEN students)
  • How to communicate and collaborate with parents – social English and getting parents involved
  • Teaching techniques for kids (attention keeping, how to use classrooms, how to construct lesson plans and keep in mind the length and presentation of activities)
  • Course structures and long-term aims
  • How to assess students and create useful exams and mark progress
Teacher’s online course


Skills achieved

  • Reading, writing and comprehension
  • Speaking (full sentences, creating fluidity)
  • Listening (exam style)
  • Grammar (for kids)
  • Vocabulary
  • How to use these aims to communicate
Teacher’s online course


Inglaterra en Casa: Our methodology

Inglaterra en Casa uses techniques different than other academies. Here, you can see the main characteristics:


  • We use different activities to practise the skills mentioned above
  • Learn how not using a book can help
  • How to make learning visual and participative
  • How to make language aims realistic and useful for life
Teacher’s online course



If you want more information you can send an email to inkjoinus@gmail.com

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