(1-8-2016) The Exciting First Days in the Summer School

These are some of the great moments of today, the first days of Summer School for the children staying for the final two weeks! We started the morning with fun dances and songs. Later on, children were introduced to their diaries and what is required. Today, kids experienced their first taste of English classes whilst also having lots of enjoyment in their media, drama and cooking classes.

(2-8-2016) Continue Learning English

Today again we started the day with a lot of energy to learn English in various lessons and joyful activities!

Children were playing a lot of games and at the same time were learning interesting facts about each other. They were playing water games, in which they learned English words related to water activities. After that children were implementing their artistic skills in drama classes. One of our groups also went shopping with our teacher Reece and bought great materials for their 5 emotions’ project. After lunch, children were learning how to work as a team and got to know each other better in the sports class. Moreover, our little ones baked delicious biscuits with our cooking teacher Nabs.


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