Estudiar un máster en inglés, una tendencia en auge

En los últimos años, los estudios superiores han crecido exponencialmente en España. La necesidad de contar con una formación accesoria y diferencial ha tenido mucho que ver en esta tendencia. Ahora bien, ¿se debe ir todavía un poco más allá? Viendo la oferta actual...

August – Summer School Benissa – Photo Gallery

We have already started our last week at the Summer School! After an energetic and lively morning of zumba, the children rushed to learn some more English in their classes! Firstly, they finished the project of 5 emotions (joy, anger, sadness, disgust and fear) and took a group picture of their work. In their English class, the older students had to present their ideas of a future telephone that they would like to have. All ideas were extremely interesting, for example one group suggested to invent a phone which would be used as a bracelet and could become transparent. While senior students were presenting their ideas of the future telephone, the younger ones practiced for the Friday Show with their drama teacher Josh. They were acting scenes from popular movies, like James Bond and Home Alone. Also, some of the groups have done some crafts and learned some words about seasons by making snowmen. In the sports class children had a lot of fun playing basketball and cricket.

After lunch children did a quiz about different countries, so they learned new English words about traditions, culture, geography and history. Also, they invoked their history and geography knowledge. Moreover, children made art on their faces and took pictures for their Friday Show presentation, while the little ones baked blueberry muffins.

Apps para Aprender Inglés

Las mejores apps para aprender inglés Las nuevas tecnologías siguen evolucionando, ¿quién no utiliza su smartphone para descargarse cualquier aplicación interesante? Sea para buscar trabajo o mirar qué tiempo va a hacer en tu ciudad, es algo rápido y sencillo. Con...