English summer camp Day 7 Photos

English summer farm. This is our 7th day in Charlie’s Farm! Children had English classes during the morning and then we had incredible water games !  Moreover, children have done a lot of hand made things today. For example, photo frames and Instagram frame. After dinner we had a karaoke night 🙂

Charlie’s Farm Day 8 Photos

This is our 8th day in Charlie’s Farm! Children were learning English through different games, workshops and songs. Our main topic today was how to express the emotions. Moreover, while playing water games children needed to invent interesting and funny story 🙂 And now we are playing “General Knowledge Quiz” .

Charlie’s Farm Day 9 Photos

There are photos from our 9th day in Charlie’s Farm! We had English classes, amazing workshops and games. Today we were recording a song with one of the groups. Furthermore, children had very interesting cooking and recycling classes during the second part of the day. Now we are having dinner and after that we are going to play “Shirtori” 🙂

Charlie’s Farm Day 10 Photos

There are pictures from out 10th day! The day was a little bit cloudy but still we had a lot of fun. Children had a huge number of interesting workshops like drama and arts. In the evening we had a talent show, where children and teachers were presenting their secret abilities 🙂

Charlie’s Farm Day 11 Photos

It’s already our 11th day in Charlie’s Farm! This is the last full day together. Today we spend amazing time in our farm and we went to the beach.

During the first half of the day children had English classes and preparation for tomorrow final show. After lunch we went to the beach where we swam, played a lot of activities and enjoyed our time together. And now we are having final party in Charlie’s Farm! See you tomorrow 😉

English summer Farm Charlie’s Farm photos 1

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