English Summer Camp – Charlie’s Farm Day 1 Photos

English Summer Camp. The first day in Charlie’s Camp is going to be over soon. During the morning we had English and conversation classes. Later we had a lot of fun playing water games outside and in swimming pool. After lunch kids were participating in different workshops and in the evening we had sport games.

Charlie’s Farm Day 2 Photos

There are pictures from our second day in Charlie’s Camp. Children were learning English through playing different games like bingo, hangman and etc. And of course water games and swimming pool. Furthermore, today we had an amazing and tasty pizzas during the cooking class.

Have a good evening and we are going to have a party soon 😀

Charlie’s Farm Day 3 Photos

There are pictures from our 3rd day. During the morning we had some English and conversation classes. Children played different games, made herb drinks and drew their superheroes. After the lunch we had a beach time! We did a lot of activities on the beach and sang our favourite songs.

Charlie’s Farm Day 4 Photos

The pictures from our 4th day in Charlie’s Camp. We had a lot of different workshops today! There were science class, arts, dancing and drama lesson. Furthermore, during music class children have learnt a lot of new songs in English. As for sports, there were new exiting water games, where children needed to show their knowledge of English and swimming pool.

And now we are playing night games 🙂

Charlie’s Farm Day 6 Photos

Here are pictures from our sixth day in Charlie´s Farm! Today we did a huge number of activities. During the morning the children were learning English, doing educational games and practising different conversation topics. Later there were water games, where not only was it necessary to show your knowledge of English but also knowledge about the world.

During the second half of the day the children completed a treasure hunt! To win the game, they needed to do the tasks from each superhero as fast as possible. And now we are playing bingo all together 🙂

English summer camp Charlie’s Farm photos 2

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