English summer camp 2016 – Day 1

English summer camp 2016. Hello from Charlie’s Camp! This is our video about how we spent our first day in the camp. During the day we have done a lot of activities; the water games and swimming pool were the most entertaining activities. Moreover, we studied a lot of English during the classes and workshops.

There were different kind of workshops, for instance, drama, arts, science, dancing and crafts. We have done superhero masks with different themes like “Spanish hero”, colourful maracas, chemical experiments and so on.

During the evening we were learning English through playing sport games. Here you can see how funny was our day 🙂

Charlie’s Camp Day 2

So, how did we spend our second day in Charlie’s Camp? During the morning children were learning English through playing games like bingo, hangman and different songs. Also, there were classed about appearance and clothes.

As usual to refresh ourselves we played games in swimming pool and water games outside. In the second half of the day we were doing different workshops. For instance, our little chefs were cooking very tasty pizzas. And in the evening there was a party in our farm 😀 To sum up, it was an incredible day!

Charlie’s Farm Beach Day 3

OUR BEACH DAY!!! First half of the day we spent in the camp learning English. Children had conversation classes, they prepared herb drinks, played different games like “Late workers”. Moreover, they were repeating clothes topic through drawing their own superheroes.

The second half of the day was the most exiting for the kids. Even our trip to the beach was very funny, we were singing our favourite songs in the bus. On the beach we had a lot of fun! From the beginning children were swimming and diving. Later we took a little rest and had some snacks to get the energy for the beach activities. We were doing sports like volleyball, tennis, badminton and baseball.

Moreover, there was a movie night in Charlie’s Camp, we watched “The Avengers” with pop corn 🙂