English summer 2016 – Charlie’s Farm Day 7

English summer 2016. This is how entertaining our 7th day in Charlie’s Farm was! We had amazing water games and a lot of fun!

During the first half of the day children  were learning new topics concerning seasons and food. However, not only did they learn products but also they were discussing  the healthy substances in them.

Moreover, we had  very unique workshops this day. We wanted the children to have a nice souvenir from Charlie’s Farm, thus, some children were doing photo frames. Others made an Instagram frame and we were taking pictures with it. Later children played different games like ¨Magical Rings¨ and ¨Guess the missing object¨. Furthermore, in the evening we had a very special ¨Class Dojo¨ session. The team which got the highest number of points during the week got an award.

After dinner there was a karaoke competition in Charlie’s Farm!

Charlie’s Farm Day 8

This is our 8th day in Charlie’s Farm. Children started the day by learning English in conversation classes. The main topic was emotions. Later they had water games and swimming pool time. The aim of the game was to create a funny story passing a balloon with water to each other.

Later children had different workshops. However, the video is focused on dancing workshop with our teacher Ozzy, where she is explaining how children can learn English through dancing. After the workshops children had some interactive games based on vocabulary.


Charlie’s Farm Day 9

Day 9 in Charlie’s Farm was pretty amazing! In the morning children were learning about gardening. Also, they studied a menu topic for the restaurants.

Moreover, today one of the groups had an incredible music workshop with our most creative teacher Burton. Not only were children creating a song and learning theory but also they have recorded their own song using professional equipment. Later we had water games time. Children were playing an interesting game, which was helpful in learning directions.

During the second half of the day we had activities like cooking, recycling and media. For instance, in recycling class children were creating notebooks with fancy design. After the workshops we were playing teamwork games.

Chalie’s Farm Day 10

This is our day 10 in Charlie’s Farm! We started the morning by planting seeds with the smallest group in our farm. Afterwards, children were talking about their favourite music genres.

The day was full of different workshops. For example, children had an amazing drama class with our teacher Aisling, where they had to do various different things like playing emotional games or acting in short scenes.

Later children had an incredible art workshop with Niamh. During this class they were making an artistic fence. After workshops we were watching “Angry Birds” movie.

The most interesting part was after dinner – “INKredible Talent”. Children and teachers were showing their abilities! What our video to see how talented our children are. English summer 2016 Videos!

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