(8-08-2016) The Second Week of English!

We have already started our last week at the Summer School! After an energetic and lively morning of zumba, the children rushed to learn some more English in their classes! Firstly, they finished the project of 5 emotions (joy, anger, sadness, disgust and fear) and took a group picture of their work. In their English class, the older students had to present their ideas of a future telephone that they would like to have. All ideas were extremely interesting, for example one group suggested to invent a phone which would be used as a bracelet and could become transparent. While senior students were presenting their ideas of the future telephone, the younger ones practiced for the Friday Show with their drama teacher Josh. They were acting scenes from popular movies, like James Bond and Home Alone. Also, some of the groups have done some crafts and learned some words about seasons by making snowmen. In the sports class children had a lot of fun playing basketball and cricket.

After lunch children did a quiz about different countries, so they learned new English words about traditions, culture, geography and history. Also, they invoked their history and geography knowledge. Moreover, children made art on their faces and took pictures for their Friday Show presentation, while the little ones baked blueberry muffins.


(5-08-2016) It is Already Friday!

Time just flies in the Summer School, it is already Friday and today we started the morning by speaking about our emotions. We discussed how different things, like family, friends, food or even weather, can influence our feelings. Also, we performed parody advertisements in drama class. In media, the children started to film their short film for the Friday Show. Students themselves were filming and acting, so it was a new experience for most of them.

The second half of the day started with football matches between students and staff members. Everybody had a lot of fun either playing or watching the match. After the match we played some more fun games, like cricket. After all the games and tutor time, children found out the amount of points their houses have gained during the week. Surprisingly both England and Ireland have 318 points and Scotland has to keep on going because they have 305 points.

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