(11-08-2016) Teens Go to the Beach!

This Thursday teens spent the day at the beach in Calpe and at the swimming pool here in Benissa. It was such an exciting day. We started it with a lot of energetic activities on the beach. All three houses (England, Ireland and Scotland) participated in beach games in which they earned points for their houses. After a snack break we went to the sea and had an amazing time jumping into waves.

The second half of the day we spent at the swimming pool, where we had our lunch and played fun games and swam in the swimming pool. These are some of the moments from this joyful and sunny day!

(10-08-2017) The Last Wednesday!

The very last Wednesday at the Summer School Benissa started with rehearsals for the final Friday Show. All the students are trying their best!!! After that the Waterloo group went shopping, with their teacher GiGi. Students had to find prices of certain products in the shopping center, such as minced beef, iceberg, a bar of chocolates and even toilet roller. Children have been learning a lot of new English words, useful for shopping in English.

After lunch we had a big football tournament between houses (England, Scotland, Ireland) and even staff. After passionate matches, Scotland won the tournament.

(9-08-2016) Joyful Tuesday!

The last Tuesday at the Summer School started with fun games, like ‘Move, if…’ and ‘Never have I ever’. Children had so much fun playing these games because they have learnt even more new things about their new friends and classmates. After that, students recorded the film for the Friday Show. We had waiters, a chief, a birthday boy and even an alien on the set. While senior students were recording, the half day students had an exciting time playing water games with our teachers Nabs and Andy. Later on, we all the students created gorgeous butterfly pens and jellyfish.

After lunch, in drama class, children acted different emotions, like hysterical, frustrated or excited. Also, they prepared a lot of material for a comic book story. Moreover, children really enjoyed the cooking class, where they baked delicious blueberry muffins.


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