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Videos british kids at summer school benissa

Videos british kids at summer school benissa

Así son nuestros alumnos británicos en la Summer School Benissa   Una de las mayores ventajas de nuestra escuela de verano es que nuestros alumnos estudian y conviven con jóvenes británicos de su edad con los que se relacionan y crean amistades. Gracias a esto...

Video host family experience

Una experiencia que tus hijos jamás olvidarán   Un pequeño resumen de nuestro programa de Host Family, donde los alumnos permanecen en un entorno de inmersión lingüística total durante su estancia en la Summer School de Benissa. Aquí conocemos a algunas de las...

August – Summer School Benissa – Photo Gallery 2

Teens Go to the Beach!

This Thursday teens spent the day at the beach in Calpe and at the swimming pool here in Benissa. It was such an exciting day. We started it with a lot of energetic activities on the beach. All three houses (England, Ireland and Scotland) participated in beach games in which they earned points for their houses. After a snack break we went to the sea and had an amazing time jumping into waves.

The second half of the day we spent at the swimming pool, where we had our lunch and played fun games and swam in the swimming pool. These are some of the moments from this joyful and sunny day!

August – Summer School Benissa – Photo Gallery

We have already started our last week at the Summer School! After an energetic and lively morning of zumba, the children rushed to learn some more English in their classes! Firstly, they finished the project of 5 emotions (joy, anger, sadness, disgust and fear) and took a group picture of their work. In their English class, the older students had to present their ideas of a future telephone that they would like to have. All ideas were extremely interesting, for example one group suggested to invent a phone which would be used as a bracelet and could become transparent. While senior students were presenting their ideas of the future telephone, the younger ones practiced for the Friday Show with their drama teacher Josh. They were acting scenes from popular movies, like James Bond and Home Alone. Also, some of the groups have done some crafts and learned some words about seasons by making snowmen. In the sports class children had a lot of fun playing basketball and cricket.

After lunch children did a quiz about different countries, so they learned new English words about traditions, culture, geography and history. Also, they invoked their history and geography knowledge. Moreover, children made art on their faces and took pictures for their Friday Show presentation, while the little ones baked blueberry muffins.

Campamento inglés con familias británicas Summer School Benissa 2

Campamento inglés con familias británicas Nota previa: Si quieres ver la primera parte de los vídeos te recomendamos que visites el siguiente enlace: campamento inglés con familias inglesas lo que sigue a continuación es la segunda parte de nuestro campamento inglés...

[Fotos] Fun Day at School

[Fotos] The Fun Day at School

Today our senior students went to the beach, so the little ones enjoyed the day at school! In the morning children created artistic and crazy stories. They also made colourful posters of 5 emotions (joy, anger, fear, sadness and disgust). Later on, we filmed short videos in media room. Each child was able to participate in performing and recording the videos.

After lunch, we had afternoon activities in which children played an interesting and really active game called ‘The Mad Chief’. The purpose of this game was to collect all the ingredients for typical English breakfast, while 3 chiefs (teachers) were interrupting the game and crossing off the special list the ingredients. Children also had a Scavenger Hunt in the school in which they had to complete 10 tasks in a creative way to earn points for their Houses (England, Ireland, Scotland). After that, the children played 3 different games and learned new words about summer and summer activities. While one group was learning songs about summer, the second was playing a game called ‘Sleepy Dwor’ and the third group had blind dates in which they had to tell about their favourite summer activities.

[Fotos] Afternoon Activities

While our little ones went to the beach our senior students were having fun in English lessons and in the special afternoon activities. In the morning, the children were rehearsing for the comedy film with our media teacher, Erin. After a while our wonderful teacher from Ireland, Kirsty, taught us how to play Irish football – Gaelic football. The children had a lot of fun playing this game and have learned specific words related to sports and Ireland.

After lunch we had special activities in which all three houses (England, Scotland and Ireland) had to show who are the best house by competing in the Scavenger hunt. The students had to complete various tasks in and out of the school. Some of the tasks within the school included children having to come up with a tongue twister, taking a photograph with something blue and soft, build a giant animal using their bodies and imagination and other different tasks. In the city center of Benissa students had to overcome even more challenges like to teach a waitress/waiter a new English phrase, to sing a “Baby Shark” song near the fountain, to take a picture pretending that they are tourists and so on. All teams had a great time completing all the tasks.

[Fotos] First Days

(1-8-2016) The Exciting First Days in the Summer School These are some of the great moments of today, the first days of Summer School for the children staying for the final two weeks! We started the morning with fun dances and songs. Later on, children were introduced...

Campamento inglés con familias inglesas Summer School Benissa

Campamento inglés  con familias inglesas Nota previa: Si quieres ver la segunda parte de los vídeos te recomendamos que visites el siguiente enlace: Campamento inglés con familias británicas lo que sigue a continuación es la primera parte de este campamento inglés ...

#week4 Despedidas para uno y fin de semana para otros

Fin de semana para los alumnos de Summer School Benissa Half Day El viernes también es el último día de la semana para los alumnos de summer school Benissa de Half Day y aquí os dejamos un video con lo mas representativo de la semana. Una semana en la que los mas...

Los niños se van a la playa!

(27-07-2016) Así ha sido el genial día de playa de los niños. Los niños se van a la playa y a la piscina donde se lo han pasado en grande mientras practicaban varías actividades, miren sus caras de felicidad! (28-07-2016) Hoy los alumnos de secundaría han estado en la...

Un lunes muy activo en Summer School Benissa

Un lunes muy activo Un lunes muy activo en Summer School Benissa. Se nota que es la última semana para muchos de los estudiantes que están aquí aprendiendo inglés. También se nota que este viernes es Friday Show y alguna clase ya esta preparando el espectáculo para...

Las FOTOS de Terra Mítica de Summer School Benissa 2016

(23-07-2016) Así ha sido el gran día de nuestros chicos en Terra Mítica   (25-07-2016) Las fotos de terra Mítica de Summer School Benissa 2016 Hoy los alumnos de Summer School Benissa se lo han pasado en grande en el parque tematico de Terra Mítica, disfrutando...